Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bosherston lily ponds

Its been such a lovely few days weather wise so after a busy day at the studio we thought that we should make the most of it. Especially as here in the UK you never know how long it its going to last...

So we went over to Bosherston lily ponds, which are a good twenty-minute, drive from us but definitely worth it. The lilies were out in full bloom but I think that we left it to late in the day as they were starting to close up for the evening. Which was a shame but they were still beautiful.

I went over with my Dad and it was a great to have a natter and catch up about all sorts, Although we are very close we don’t often have time when its just the two of us (plus Teal); when one of us isn’t working, writing up reports, sorting jobs or just generally listening with one ear ... as we walked around the ponds we got talking about Mum who passed away just over a year ago. Its lovely sharing memories and we got on to speaking about her 'bucket list'... Some people may find a bucket list odd but it was lovely to help her do some of the things, some were silly things like seeing the end of the series of Gavin and Stacey on BBC 1 others were major family achievements like seeing my brother get married.

Which was an amazing day and it definitely made Mum and Dad very proud, my brother and his wife make a fab couple and they topped it all off with putting a deposit down on their house just days before Mum passed away. I think she was secretly waiting for this, as she knows they will be very happy there.

The lily ponds are normally wonderfully peaceful haha... but to night we picked the wrong night for that... as there were a large school group doing an orienteering task, which was funny as you could hear the kids shouting ''I cant see point 4'', ''come on we have to beat the others''...the whole way around the 2mile plus route we took.

But Teal loved her walk and it was definitely what we needed, some times you just need some fresh air and change of scenery... look how cute this toad sign is...

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