Monday, 2 May 2011

Follow your dream

incy is great and we love it! But some times I wonder... Am I to young to  have the day to day worries of the behind the scenes things of business?

It had always been my long term career goal to have my own children's wear brand by the age of 30.Once returning to the UK, after working in Vietnam and Bali as a childrenswear designer. I started looking into the options of designing for children's brands in Pembrokeshire or West Wales but there were none. So I started reasearching options to set up my own company incy limited at the age of 23.

I knew that my work was in demand and I had had many top selling designs in the USA with my designs while working for a large manufacturer in Vietnam. Where I worked for 6months designing for John Lewis, Gordonsbury, Boroa,and  Albetta.

In Pembrokeshire and West Wales there has always been a lack of design jobs and especially in the textile industry but I knew if I wanted to be based here close to my family then I would have to create my own job. So I became the managing director, designer, sewer, marketing and pr lady for incy.

After a long chat with someone at the show they told be to carry on and follow my dreams...  this played on my mind the whole nearly 10 hour drive home. I have worked for just over a year to get it to where it is now and it would be a shame to see it be put on hold.

My friends say I am  workaholic but incy is my dream, passion and something I know in years to come will be big! I hope that in years to come all the heart ache, tears and worries will all be worth it and pay off but only time will tell.

But I think that that person is right... so yes I'm going to 'follow my dream' and take incy to the next level, wish us luck.

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